What's the book? Thunder in the Building issue # 2, by Margaret Ashford-Trotter. She's throwing a publication party for the book tonight at 7 pm at University Book Store.

What's it about? It's a minicomic. Well, it's not really mini; it's bigger than a regular monthly periodical comic book, but it's self-published with help from the Xeric Foundation. (I have written about my love for the Xeric Foundation before.) It's about a horrible secret that tears apart a relationship, and about forgiveness.

What's the art look like? Kind of like a cross between Jason Lutes and Adrien Tomine:


Ashford-Trotter's art is a little stiff, but that's an affliction common to comics artists who are just starting out, and the only way to shake it off is to practice. I expect it will improve with every issue of Thunder in the Building.

Do you recommend it? I do. There's something really great about watching a new young comic artist grow and change—it's a thrill akin to discovering a band at their first public show and following them as they grow more and more assured. TitB has its just-starting-out flaws; like a fresh young band, both the story and art here show their influences a little too readily. But it's a strong, confident start. If you like minicomics, you should go to her reading tonight.