During Artwalk last week, Paper Hammer opened for business. It's a bookstore, kind of; they sell big tall art books and a ton of blank books. But it's more than that. It's a word store. You can buy font-obsessed calendars and typographic decorations and weird old typewriters with disc designs that never really caught on. Wandering around the small space is a pleasure for literate obsessives; you want to pick everything up and play with it and imagine how you could use it to communicate.

Almost all of the products at Paper Hammer are Tieton-made. Here's the mission statement from their website:

The sale of each one of our products helps to revive the economy of Tieton, a small orchard town in Central Washington that is an incubator for artisan businesses, 
all under the loose association of Mighty Tieton.

Our products combine thoughtful design, careful production, a respect for tradition, and smart use of contemporary technology.

We believe that the future belongs to creative thinkers and doers who put style, imagination, energy, talent, and creative ambition into everything they do.

Most of the products are hand-made, which makes Paper Hammer a little spendy, but if you have someone in your life who frequently writes and draws on paper, you should stop by before Christmas and get them a gift. Everything in the store is gorgeous.