Not a whole lot of touring authors this week as we gear up for Christmas, but this is a nice opportunity to catch up on what some local authors have been up to.

Beloved librarian Nancy Pearl reads at two bookstores this week. She's at Third Place Books on Monday and at Wide World Books & Maps on Wednesday. Book Lust To Go is the last book in her Book Lust series. It's a book about travel-related books.

Local sci-fi author Greg Bear reads at University Book Store on Tuesday. Bear's newest, Hull Zero Three, is about a space traveler who comes out of suspended animation and wanders, confused, around an empty space ship. And Pilot Books will be hosting a sci-fi event on Wednesday night. The Feminist Science Fiction Book Club cosponsors an evening with Eileen Gunn, who is the author of Stable Strategies and Others, and Nisi Shawl, who is working on a "Belgian Congo steampunk novel." William Gibson loves Gunn, and she's been nominated for awards named after James Tiptree and Philip K. Dick. What more do you need in a sci-fi author?

Ethan Stowell reads at Queen Anne Books on Wednesday. The fancy local chef behind How to Cook a Wolf, Staple & Fancy Mercantile, Anchovy & Olives, and Tavolata will read from his new cookbook, Ethan Stowell's New Italian Kitchen. He also reads at Barnes & Noble University Village on Saturday the 18th.

Find a complete calendar of all the upcoming readings by clicking on this link.