Slog tipper Patti wants you to know about this NPR report about the state of the bookstore, late 2010 edition. It's a very good lay-of-the-land piece, and it highlights one of the more interesting turnabouts in business over the last few years. Brooklyn bookstore owner Jessica Stockton Bagnulo puts it best:

For her part, Bagnulo sees the chains' woes — and the recent news that Google is entering the e-book market — as something of an opportunity.

"The potential is for there to be two trends," she explains. "Digital content — which is ubiquitous and everywhere — and the local, boutique, curated side. And the chain stores unfortunately don't have the advantage in either of those areas. I mean, they can't carry every book in the world in their store, and they don't have the same emotional connection to their neighborhood that a local store does."

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