Slog tipper Marc, for some reason, wants us all to know about J.C. Davies, a former investment banker for Goldman Sachs who is publishing a book titled I Got the Fever: Love, What's Race Gotta Do With It? Here is the book's description, from its website:

I Got the Fever offers a practical course of treatment for dating within five unique cultures: Latino, Asian, Black, Indian, and Jewish. Plus, author J.C. Davies delivers the low down on every question you ever had about dating men of other races but were too PC to ask:

• Do Asian men like their women submissive?
• Are Jewish men really cheap?
• Are all Indian men well versed in the Kama Sutra?
• Do Latin lovers live up to their reputation?
• Do Black men actually have big, er, uh, equipment?

Whether you’re already in an interracial relationship, contemplating one or just want to be entertained by JC’s conversational style and hilarious anecdotes, I Got the Fever is the perfect prescription for dating in a new and diverse world.

Jezebel has more about the wrongness that is J.C. Davies. Her book will be published in February 2011. So, something to look forward to, then.