I like how all the men on the cover have more or less the same body type, skin tone, hair cut and hair color (except for the bald black guy). Variety indeed~
Holy fuck, that sounds terrible. Like all men have universally held characteristics based solely on their race. Stereotype much?
I'm so grateful for her gift of agog.
I think the Jewish man in the picture runs about $250 an hour. Is that cheap? I dunno.
All I can think about from looking at the book cover is that she's about to get gangbanged.
If Ms. Davies had an ounce of self-awareness, this could be a funny and actually useful book. But apparently not...pity.

And interracial or cross-cultural dating is always one white person and some objectified minority person. Like no Asian woman ever dated an Indian man, or a Hispanic man dated a Jewish woman? Or any other combo? Please.
first of all what a whore, second if a guy wrote this the out rage would not stop. again what a whore!
I had no idea that special techniques were needed to date black men. I'm way too easy for that. In fact, I can be seduced in three easy steps (none having anything to do with my race.)

1. Say "Hello" (beer is a plus)

2. Don't say anything racially awkward (Eg. If my dick grew an inch {or even just a millimeter} for every time that someone asked me about it's size, I'd have to sling it over my shoulder to walk to the store...)

3. Don't be round. I prefer women with waists, thank you. They don't even need to be "pronounced (as in 36-24-36 measurements), just have a waist that's visibly smaller than the other two dimensions and we're golden.
3b. One caveat-natural (as in being formed by personal genetics, not a surgeon) large breasts make me want to nuzzle tummies of any size. Yes, I am a lecher, why do you ask?

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