I just talked with Lisa Perry, the owner of Fremont used bookstore Ophelia's Books. After fourteen years in the business, Perry is moving to San Francisco later this year and she wants to sell her bookstore by the end of March.

Perry has been thinking about selling her store for about a year now. She's going to continue in the book business in some capacity after the move, primarily selling books online. "I've been enjoying" online sales, she says, but she admits "I'm a little burnt out on the retail end of things." The new owner would be buying pretty much everything, most importantly "about 18,000 books." Perry adds, "All the fixtures would go with it; the bookcases, the rugs, the lights, the computer, and maybe even the cats if they want them."

Perry rents the Ophelia's space, but she says "The landlord is definitely willing to continue the space as a bookstore and he'd be willing to write a letter of intent for any prospective buyer." She does note that the current lease is up in June. But does she think that there's a future in running a bookstore? How's the location doing? "It is definitely quieter than it has been," Perry says. "It's like any other bookstore. We're all kind of struggling in the face of Kindles and all that."

But she thinks the location could work with a little excitement on the part of the new owner. "Part of my problem is that I've lost a little enthusiasm over the years," she says. "I do think that if someone came in with a lot of enthusiasm they could make some changes and fix it up. It's not a huge moneymaker but it's viable. Anybody looking to buy a bokstore would already know it's not a huge moneymaker."

If you're interested, you can call Ophelia's books at 632-3759 or contact them via e-mail.