Graphic novels? It's graphic novels, isn't it?
Graphic novels on Zunes?
You overcame the ennui by posting anew every ten minutes, is what I'm thinking you did.
I've had the same problem. Graphic novels are the way to go. Also short stories have worked for me. Thanks Blake Bulter and Patrick Somerville for two stunning collections. I really liked Skippy Dies. Do you have the three volume slipcased edition? I wish more publishers would package 1000+ page books in that format.
I go in waves from books to magazines (from fashion to science) to graphic novels and back to books. I can mow down three books in a week when I am in book mode but when I am not I can barely make it through a chapter in that same amount of time.
Funny, Christmas break was always the time I read 3 or 4 or 5 books, mostly novels. Having a job has unfortunately cut into that practice.
I got so many books for Christmas that I'm overwhelmed and unable to choose which one to read first. Snakes Can't Run by Ed Lin? The Fuller Memorandum by Charles Stross? Stories of Your Life or Others by Ted Chiang? I was already a third of the way into Richard Price's Samaritan...
Oh, and Mike Brown's website has some kind of cool reading on all the recent Trans Neptunian planetoid discoveries...
@ Peter F. I really liked Samaritan. I keep meaning to pick up the Ted Chiang.
@10, yeah, Samaritan is a really great read so far.
Philip Morrison wrote good science books. So did Douglas Hofstadter. PM is now gone, and I don't know about DH.

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