CrunchGear has a nice roundup of iPad 2 rumors, including what they think are the most likely rumors to be true. At the moment, they're thinking thinner and lighter, better speakers, with a faster processor, maybe an SD card slot, two cameras, and a ridiculously high-res (2048 x 1536) display. The iPad was announced around this time last year, but one has to wonder if Apple's announcement is going to come closer to April, when last year's iPad was actually released. That would mean another two or three months of speculation. Huzzah! And the iPad has been great for Apple. They just had a record-breaking first quarter, including 7.33 million iPads sold.

In other e-book news, Tele-Read brings news that an independent bookstore had a tutorial for their customers on how to use Google's e-books service. That's a smart idea; I bet a lot of folks who got e-readers for Christmas are feeling overwhelmed by their new devices, and hosting a free class ensures that at least a few of them will be buying books through your store's site.

If you don't live near an indie who's willing to teach the e-book game, BookBee has a pretty okay flow chart showing what your e-book options are, depending on which device you're using. Some folks will look at the relative simplicity of the Kindle line and decide they want that device; other people will look at the increased options of the other devices and go in another direction.