A few months ago, I told you about a locally produced writing website called Typetrigger. It works like this: Every six hours, the site gives you a "trigger" word or phrase. You write 300 words or less about the trigger, and then other Typetrigger members can approve your writing or choose to follow all your work. It's part-Twitter, part writer's community.

Today, Typetrigger announced that they're officially open to everyone, with three new privacy settings allowing you to keep your stories completely private, open to just registered users, or open to everyone on the internet. If you're public, there are a number of sharing options available to readers. The new site is up and running over here.

To celebrate the site's launch, they're having a big, open-to-the-public party at Sole Repair this Thursday from 7 to 11 pm. There'll be drinks, contests, and music. It's a good excuse for writers to put on pants, get out of the house, and meet each other. All the information about that is on their blog.