Grant Cogswell, our intrepid entrepreneur in Mexico City, has likely nailed down a location for Under the Volcano Books. Cogswell writes that he's got a "gung-ho" landlord and an investor for the space, and that he hopes to start unloading his van full of English-language books as soon as Sunday.

According to Google Street View, it's somewhere around here:

Here's Grant (yes, it's weird to type that) showing viewers around the La Roma neighborhood where the bookstore will be located:

Also, take a gander at his account of driving a van full of books all the way to Mexico:

Night driving
January 23, 2011

All the travel books and websites and friends’ advice and insurance policies and legends of pirates and lost gold say not to drive at night in Mexico. The roads are — to put it gently — in unreliable condition, signage is poorly coordinated, bus and truck drivers depend on making their schedules, reflectors and road striping occasional and streetlights more rare, and, as in the pre-WWII U.S., non-toll highways are the long main street of a thousand towns: kids on bikes, dogs, livestock and low Japanese pickups without working headlights roam them at will.