What's the difference between unpaid invoices and debt?
These posts keep reminding I have to get around to using my Borders Gift Certificates.
I believe unpaid invoices would be paid before debts if Boarders filed for bankruptcy.

Basically GE wants to know its going to get its money back before all the publishers who have sold stuff to Borders on credit get paid.
I know there is no love for Borders on this site, but I would be most unhappy to see them die. I love bookstores of the brick and mortor variety over Amazon and with Borders I get a substantial discount with their discounts.
I agree with #4, Of the big book stores, Borders had generally carried a pretty deep selection of titles until about 2002. I could find many scholarly history books that B&N simply would not carry.

It's sad to see Borders struggle like this but what can you do?

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