This is just a gleaming of the cube.
  • This is just a gleaming of the cube.
I dare you to read it.
  • I dare you to read it.
1. "They said it couldn’t be done, but Oskar van Deventer—a longtime puzzle maker living in the Netherlands—created it anyhow: a 17-by-17-by-17 tile Rubik’s cube that, as far as we know, is an unofficial world record for the world’s largest and most complex Rubik’s puzzle." The whole thing was made on a 3D printer.

2. "Last year, poet David Morice wrote one 100-page poem every day for 100 days—producing a 10,000-page poem. As you can see by the image embedded [to the right], the entire work has been printed and bound into a massive volume by the University of Iowa Libraries." You can also read the whole thing online. Here is one stanza from book 14: "A one-letter poem is not necessarily/twice as easy to write/as a two-letter poem."