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The Stranger's Books Editor Finally Buys an E-Reader

Making the ugly past look good. Kelly O


Thanks for mentioning the whole "rights" thing. I love to lend out my books (if my kids can't read them, why should I buy them?), and the hassle of lending a kindle, nook, or other closed file is a pain. But if I can keep everything on my computer, I might just get an e-reader. Now if I can only get the Sony e-reader to work with linux!
Well, they've already jailbroken the Verizon iPhone 4, so my guess is the Sony ereader will be jailbroken soon if it isn't already.
Thank you Mr. Constant. As a happy (Linux-running @1), owner of a Sony PRS-650 I am happy to know you've joined the club for almost the same reasons.

@1: The Sony's are probably the most Linux-friendly readers out there. The device auto-mounts as a drive and its software happily reads books directly from its file system. And, if you want more library capabilities, Calibre has a dedicated Linux port that works flawlessly.
seconding the sony reader/calibre/linux combo, it's wonderful and perfect. Also, remember, once you have an ereader you can pirate books just like music!
SPL has "The Unexpurged Case Against Woman Sufferage." It's library-use only, probably because it is fragile.
Paul, is it true that I can buy Google books through Elliott Bay, and they'll get a portion of the purchase price? I've been reluctant to buy an eReader of any sort if it means abandoning indy bookstores for all but gift purchases.
@7: Here, let me point you at a page that might help.
I have the sony prs600, which is the version in the image and other than some occasional trouble with syncing it to my laptop, its fantastic. I ve used it for a few years now. and I like their sony live chat if I have any problems.
How much, if any, did price affect your decision? And how much was your Sony device?
Amazon's Advantage program allows its participating members (independent publishers) to choose DRM or not. I chose not for my own books, otherwise I would never have agreed to sell them on Amazon.
@1 @4 Kobo is also extremely Linux-friendly. They have released a version of their desktop software that works on Ubuntu. My desktop exclusively runs Linux and I am able to take full advantage of Kobo features.

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