1. Connie Willis is a crazy-talented science fiction writer. She writes time travel stories that don't feel like the time travel stories you've seen parodied a billion times before. To start, you should read Doomsday Book, a story of a historian who is the first time traveler to the 1300s. To Say Nothing of the Dog, set in the same universe, involves a historian who specializes in World War II who has been sent to Victorian England to solve a puzzle. Willis's newest books, Blackout and All Clear, are about time travelers stuck in England during World War II. Willis has won or been nominated for just about any science fiction award you can think of. She will be reading at University Book Store tonight.

2. Maxine Hong Kingston is one of those rare writers that everyone should read. The Woman Warrior, her fictionalized memoir, explores what it means to be Chinese, and what it means to be a woman, and what it means to be a woman from China by weaving folk tales, family stories, and personal reflections together into a book that feels like a fine tapestry. Kingston reads from her newest memoir, I Love a Broad Margin to My Life, at Elliott Bay Book Company tonight.

3. For everything else that is happening tonight, including an interesting-looking book about the economic disaster and what it means for western civilization, and a (sadly sold out) reading at the Hugo House involving musicians like Macklemore and scary-talented local author Matthew Simmons producing new work on the theme of "Brief Encounters," check out the reading calendar.