Have you read Paul Constant's review of Growing a Farmer yet?

Kurt Timmermeister is really good at making food sound disgusting. Early in his memoir, Growing a Farmer, he explains why he wouldn't eat the chicken breasts he served at his own restaurant, the storied Cafe Septieme on Broadway:

They arrive folded into an oval shape and nestled each in a plastic dimple, four across and five long, on a plastic flat... They are delivered frozen, and then the cooks flip the flimsy plastic flats upside down into buckets to defrost... After a day in the cooler, these chicken popsicles defrost into a slimy chicken product. Hour by hour, day after day, they are pulled from the buckets and placed on the grill to make chicken Caesar salads and the like.

This vivid language will stay with you the next time you consider ordering chicken at a middle-of-the-road place...

The part about the butter is much, much less gross. Timmermeister reads on Wednesday at Third Place Books.