A broad-strokes comic book pitch by China Miéville (who, again, will be reading at Chop Suey on May 28th with musical act Tomten and questions from me) was circulating the internet over the weekend. It's a Marxist take on Iron Man, which, of course, means the conservative nerd internet was out in force in the comments:

China Mieville is an AMAZING author...but someone needs to tell him nobody in the First World gives two shits and an f-word about Marxist "oh, pity the workers!" bullshit anymore.

First of all: These whiners who say authors need to keep their politics out of entertainment need to be honest and admit that they're fine with their politics getting into entertainment. And further, these nerds need to realize that everything is political. Yes, even comic books.

Second of all: Between this rejected pitch and the way DC Comics railroaded Miéville's Swamp Thing pitch, the big two comic book companies are basically admitting that they do not want to attract new readers. I will for sure be asking Miéville about this on the 28th.