Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day. In case you didn't know, on Free Comic Book Day you can wander into any comic book store in town and walk out with free comics. That's the whole deal.

I had an intensely satisfying Free Comic Book Day last year: I started out at the Zanadu downtown, walked to Comics Dungeon in Wallingford, and then to The Dreaming and Zanadu's U District store. By the end of the walk, I had a heavy bagful of comics*, and I spent the rest of the day napping and reading. I hope to do the exact same thing this year—I think I'm going to expand the urban hike to include Arcane Comics this time around—and I'd recommend it to just about anyone. Here's the route with Google Map directions for bikes:

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It works out to 11.5 miles by bike, and a little over an hour of bike time. Walking, it's over 8 miles and about three hours travel time. If, like me, you're that super-rare combination of nerd and flaneur, it's fucking heaven.

* Full disclosure: I bought a few comics at every store, too, because Free Comic Book Day isn't really free if you're a comics fan; it's kind of your responsibility to buy some comics to make up for the scads of folks who are walking into a comics store for the first time in ages who will just pick up the free books and walk out again.