You may notice that I haven't been posting much book news, lately. This is because the all the book news these days is about one book. This book is titled Go the F*** to Sleep. It looks and reads like a children's bedtime story, only it's written from the point of view of a potty-mouthed adult who is upset that his or her child won't go to sleep. Get it? Samuel L. Jackson just recorded a six-minute audio version of the book, and Werner Herzog is about to record another one. It's literally all that the publishing industry is talking about, these days.

Look: I have no problem with this book. It's a funny little lark. But it's simply not worth all this attention; it's the kind of book you find sitting on a display in a bookstore, and you laugh and think, "My friends who just had a kid would like this" and you buy it for them. See? No hype necessary. So this is the one time I'll mention this book. When publishing news starts happening again—if publishing news ever starts happening again—I'll let you know.