I've gotta hand it to Amazon: If you're going to start a mystery imprint, you can't get off to a much better start:

Amazon.com today announced that Amazon Publishing has acquired the publication rights of 35 titles in the 87th Precinct Series—including "The Con Man" and "The Mugger"—by author Ed McBain. These books will be published by the Thomas & Mercer imprint in print, digital and audio formats starting in Fall 2011.

McBain's 87th Precinct series is one of my all-time favorite mystery series. If you like police procedurals, they're a must-read. I have a couple of friends who are reading all of them in order, but you can pretty much start anywhere and get up to speed quickly. If you're looking for summer crime fiction, this is a very good place to start. And you don't have to wait till fall, either: McBain titles are plentiful—and cheap!—in used book stores everywhere.