Hey, that's not too bad. Five people still makes for a decent-sized coven or circle-jerk.
What sort of witchcraft can you do with five people?
Who knew there were five tea partiers who could read? Maybe they forget what kind of crowd they're trying to appeal to - one that lives in sound bites and doesn't want to think too hard about it.
@2 The best kind!
I doubt most of the 5 were even Tea Partiers. Just another sign of how the "liberal" media creates Republican superstars and perpetuating conservative narratives.
The audiobook version, performed by Glenn Beck, will do much better with the Ignorant Scared White Geezer demographic.
@3: Why assume they can read? They were there to have her read to them.
Her quote on that book cover essentially says "Let's go backwards, not forwards."

I don’t think she’s implying back to when we, as a nation, built incredible bridges, dams and established beautiful national parks. I think she’s thinking more along the lines of before there were gay people.
Uhhhh, It was a BOOK SIGNING, not a BOOK READING.... If she had been doing a book reading at Barnes and Nobles, there would have been only three people attending...;-D
If there were *more* "journalists" than attendees, do you think they'll get the message & stop following around this non-story?

Oh, wait, I forgot: The stories are already written, "journalists" are only paid to be warm bodies.
@2: HELLO?!? One person at each point on the pentagram! With Chrissie in the middle.
Somewhere I read that she'd done a reading for the books-on-CD version of her book. This is bound to draw a larger audience among the illiterate tea-baggers. Failing that, perhaps she can put out a picture-book version. Charles Aadams might be convinced to illustrate - for enough money.
There's an autographed version of her book on eBay that was posted the day after the signing. You can Buy It Now for only $79.99. Free shipping! (No, I'm not the seller)
The tea party was always distraction politics. It's a way for the corporate media to divide what is really a quite politically progressive populace. If you take away the identity politics most Americans are far to the left of center. We as a country overwhelmingly believe people should earn livable wages, have safe food and water, and access to education. They focus on the Tea Party; the slim minority that hate everyone including themselves so much, they flock to politicians that openly brag about wanting to tear the government down. We get the tea party in the news not because they are powerful, but because the story of them helps the plutocrats to convince the majority of Americans that a progressive agenda is all the more impossible to achieve.
Remind me: Why was she famous again?
@15 Because by getting five people together she can get on blogs across the country?

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