Slog tipper Tracy wanted you to see this: It's a guide titled "25 Things You Should Know About Self-Publishing."

Ordinarily, I wouldn't encourage self-publishers, because I get all kinds of crappy self-published books in the mail every day (seriously, a book is an invisible dance between a writer and an editor, and if you don't have a real editor—not a beta reader, an editor—your book is not a real book yet). But this list acknowledges the problems with self-publishing and it could provide that one-tenth-of-one-percent of self-publishers whose books are actually ready to be read by human beings with some important guidance. Some tips include:

Most Self-Published Books Suck a Bucket of Dicks

Your Book Is a Boat Which Must Ride Upon Sewage

Please Don't Let Your Cover Look Like a Three-Fingered Smear of Dog-Shit

Editors Are Your Bestest Friends

It's a list that's full of exactly the kind of information that all self-publishers need to hear and most will probably ignore.