In this week's issue of Action Comics # 1, there is a scene in which Superman is caught in an explosion. Here's a close-up of the panel in question:


See that word balloon that reads "GD"? Grant Morrison, who wrote this comic, is fond of using grunts and other vocal sound effects in word balloons. (He's the guy who popularized Batman dialogue like "HH" and "TT.") Well, according to Bleeding Cool, the owner of the aptly named Comics Conspiracy in North Carolina has released a statement saying he's not going to be carrying any more Grant Morrison comics in the future because he interpreted that word balloon as Superman taking the Lord's name in vain:

Christian comic book readers and shop owners. Join us in the Grant Morrison Boycott. Action Comics #1 is a slap in the face to Superman, Christians and Superman creators Siegel and Shuster!!...It grieves me to see a liberal Scottish schmuck like Grant Morrison take these liberties. I'm sorry, Superman would NEVER take God's name in vain. In the words of the late Jim Croce, "You don't tug on Superman's cape.

The story "attitude" didn't bother me. I've had to accept a LOT of changes over my nearly 35 years in the business. However, Superman saying "GD" isn't going to fly with me.

What a maroon! What an ignoranimus! He goes on to say that though he generously "accepted gay characters being introduced into a children specific book like Archie Comics," he is "getting very tired of having comic writer's liberal agendas force fed to me." That probably means there's only one line of comics The Comics Conspiracy will be carrying in the near future.