April looks like he's getting ready to shoot up.
But otherwise all of those are great pictures to promote library awareness!
I'm getting all Dewey.
January is worth the price of admission!
6'5, 220, rugby coaching librarian/part time paramedic who knows his way around ropes. Thank God the bio says he's straight or I'd have to start stalking him.
January is my new favorite month. Also - #2 for the win.
Yeah baby! It's nice to finally see male librarians getting some exposure.
I just bought a copy in honor of the late D. Carl Harder, a Stonewall era LGBT activist and one of the sexiest employees that ever graced the stacks at the Seattle Public Library. You can find details of one of D. Carl's many blows for equality at this link:…
Mr. December is quite adorable and sexy... an intriguing combination. :D
March looks disturbingly like Zach Braff. I'll have to pass on that basis alone.
Slides 1, 3, 6, & 12 understand what it takes to make a steamy ManLibrarian calendar. The other NO.
In case I wasn't clear: yes, read a book as much as you want, but do it naked while hot kthanxbye
Seriously, sorry, I can't stop, the other slides are like seeing my brothers or guy friends just 'around'. Make it worth my money and don't make me think of my brothers. Ugh. Cock up, librarian men.
No, wait, sorry, when have we ever seen a Sports Illustrated model brushing her everlovin' teeth? WHEN?!

I don't want to imagine Mr Hot Librarian as my brother OR my live-in (no offense, been there done that) lover; he should be a fantasy, a once-only sticky sweet.

C'mon, calendars aimed at straight women, (I'd include gay men, but you guys are so already all over this, and for once I'd like not to pretend to be a gay man while looking at homo-targeted hotness, cuz they're hot, but it's still very much a male-gaze coated lens) I wanna see hot, toned, muscular (from sorta to mostly muscled, steroids need not apply) guys, mostly if not completely naked doing hot things guys do, not imitating the shit the male gaze likes to see from its bambie bimbos.

Why are they not doing librarian-man things? Lifting books? Sorting stacks? Swimming through a pile of books?

I mean, C'mon!
A guy having a bad morning taking a shower?
A man-rug for tiny dogs?
Catching a guy making pancakes in the middle of scooping sugar/flour/wevtf that is?
I can't stop.
Literally, a dude mid-sleeve roll-up?

The only staged (and therefore, purposeful) photos are the first and the third, and the third is just a dude doing a yoga/pilates stance in his not-that-hot workout outfit. For fuck's sakes, is it REALLY that hard to make a decently hot calendar of men for a mixed TA of straight ladies and gay gentlemen? It's like the other guys brought candids their photog friends took of them at random moments that turned out sorta good (but not hot man calendar good, ffs).

Really? Really? Where're Seth and Amy when you need 'em...

why aren't they all naked?
Can't agree with femwanderluster at all. I can look at a naked piece of man-flesh anytime. Seeing what a guy likes to wear or the picture that hangs on the wall by the sink where he brushes his teeth gives the imagination something to work with, and THAT'S hot. Mr. April in particular can stamp my card anytime. And I wouldn't mind checking out more of Mr. September. What the hell--twelve men who read in one place? That right there goes a long way.
The only one I don't like is Mr. August, and not because of the icky 'stache although that doesn't help. It's because it's based on the patronizing Porn For Women trope, that the hottest foreplay for straight women is a guy washing dishes. Daily household maintenance skills are nice, fellas, and I wouldn't want you to be without them, but it's gonna take a little more than that. 
Ok, Prettybetsy, float the little man in your boat any way you wanna ^_^ I agree to disagree.

You are welcome to your fantasies of pictures on some dude's wall you see behind him while he brushes his teeth to get you off. I'll grant you that no, we don't NECESSARILY NEED guys posing a la 70s Burt Reynolds, but that side of the spectrum is better than the 'guys doing chores = foreplay' bs they've been putting out for the suburb set. Seriously, I can see guys doing everyday shit everyday and, yeah, that can be hot, but I'm not gonna pay for pictures of it.

I'll take a consciously sexy pictorial over the basically candid, completely dressed, nigh-on ignoring the guys' physical assets pics this calender offers.

Women enjoy overtly sexy pictures (the world at-large is still catching up to this idea). I don't need ANOTHER personality desperately trying to scream at me from a lukewarm half-assed tepid photo. It wasn't hot when Cosmo started doing steamy calendars with guys wearing sweaters(?!) and it's not hot now. It can be, but for me, I won't pay for that in a calendar unless the effort is there to make that subtle shit subtly hot. This doesn't do that.

Besides, hot guys reading books has got it covered:
Well, oddly enough we agree on one thing, the chores as foreplay meme = shite. LOL!

Regardless, happy fantasizing, Prettybetsy!

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