I suspect they're trying to get the hippies to convert to ebooks.
Man, the United States really IS the greatest nation on earth!!

Time to face it, we've crossed the Rubicon and things are going to get so much more worse before they are going to get better. So much worse.
Those damn hippie books are asking for it. Being in the trash, like being poor, is a moral failing. Perhaps they should spend less time sitting around and spreading communist propaganda and go GET A JOB
Fahrenheit 451 right before our eyes.
All doubt is removed...all suspicions are confirmed.

So are we all done here? 1776-2011

Good run but it's time to upgrade.
"That was but a prelude; where they burn books, they will ultimately burn people also." - Heinrich Heine
Everything is being thrown away, including the tents. This is not an episode of Steve Martin's The Jerk, where people are running around with their heads cut off screaming "THEY HATE BOOKS!".
Like I said.

You can't fight tanks with books.

Next time, set up a UAV site, not a soup kitchen.

if you value your books don't take them with you when you are illegally squatting on public property.


(@6- do ya think? oh goody....)
@9: Squatting is taking up unlawful residence in an abandoned building. The Constitution guarantees "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
The OWS protesters are in a public area, and by the law of the land should be allowed to remain there so long as they do not engage in or incite violence. Also, one's right to retain one's private property does not vanish into the ether upon commission of a crime.
Alleged wants to think he's what America is all about, the poor deluded thing.

perhaps by the law of the La-La land in your imagination...

let's correct that homework for you, junior;

a squatter is a person who settles on land or occupies property without title, right, or payment of rent.

and, now that you mention it, yeah; the overwhelming majority of Actual Tax Paying Real Americans share our hopes to see the squatter park scum get a kickass beatdown ASAP. preferably involving lots of teeth busted out.....
what will they wipe their asses with now?
Uh,'ve gone and pissed off the librarians. They are a vengeful, organized bunch who will totally rip you a new one, Mr. Mayor. Big mistake....
There's a large branch of the NYPL just a few blocks north of Zuccotti Park. But I guess that one is provided for by The Man, out of tax dollars, so it's not good enough for stinky protesters, who are bound and determined to recreate every social institution as badly as possible.
Hey, they found the books. NYC has them safe and sound and awaiting pickup. So stop the hysterics ladies. You look foolish.
@14: People were using the OWS library when the NYPL library branch(es) were closed due to cut backs.

They weren't using the OWS library because they were too good to use the one "provided by the Man" (which you know isn't the case, libraries being a public good and not 'owned' by the Man) - but because The Man cut back funding for the Public libraries causing reduction in service and hours.

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