This week's books lead begins:

You know someone's having fun with you when, on the second page of a book, the author calls himself "a leader, not a reader." This Is Herman Cain!—which, it should be noted, is not written by Herman Cain (the uncredited authors are Jerry and Deborah Strober)—can't possibly be taken seriously. It must be some kind of joke.

Cain! begins with a narrative of growing up in the segregated South. It's a preposterous tale, a racial pornography for white conservatives who say they'd love black people if they just acted more like white people...[Keep reading.]

Cain is now using that "leader, not a reader" line at rallies to explain that America wants a businessman and not someone who knows about trivial bookish things like "foreign policy" and "making sense." This is pretty amazing: A Republican presidential candidate is now openly mocking books and intelligence. Even Sarah Palin didn't go full idiot like this.