Remember the time I told you about Glen Duncan's dumb review of Colson Whitehead's Zone One? The review that began, "A literary novelist writing a genre novel is like an intellectual dating a porn star"? Duncan has written a response, and it's even more stuffy and off-point than the review was:

Since my review of Colson Whitehead’s novel “Zone One” appeared in The New York Times Book Review on Oct. 30, Twitter has been cacophonous with the cries of the offended. A good many of my incensed tweeters are, I suspect, beyond mollification — once you’ve decided someone’s an elitist jerk who needs stabbing in the face, the road back from contempt is probably impassable — but for any not yet at the homicidal stage, the remarks below might be of interest.

Duncan points out that some idiots on Amazon didn't comprehend Whitehead's genius, and that this makes his point. He doesn't bother to address the dumb porn star simile he opened his review with, instead claiming that those who got upset are "politically correct" and guilty of "po-facedness." (I absolutely love it when white men complain about political correctness.) A lot of people have told me to read Duncan's porn star genre novel The Last Werewolf, but his writing in these reviews really makes me want to ignore him forever. I didn't love his Satan-narrated novel, I Lucifer, and I thought Death of an Ordinary Man was way too pleased with its own puffed-up cleverness. Maybe I'll give his next book a try, if he doesn't publish another book review between now and then.