While I appreciate this posting about yet another Amazon sellout, I believe this tidbit on Ron Paul, and what a truly phony libertarian he is, is much more salient:…

But what would his civil liberty stances mean for American's workers? It appears Paul would actually like to take away a key protection Americans currently enjoy at work. He supports ending a provision of the National Labor Relations Act that makes it illegal for employers to fire workers based on their support of unions.

Several times between 2001 and 2009, Ron Paul sponsored the Truth in Employment Act, legislation that would amend the National Labor Relations Act to allow employers to fire pro-union workers (sometimes called “salts”) who join a workplace with the intent of unionizing it. Paul's office did not return phone calls from In These Times about the candidate's support for this piece of legislation.

(Supervisor Bob, upon encountering his employee, Ralph, exiting the men's room:

"So Ralph, did you hear the latest on the unions?

Ralph responds, inquiring, "Unions?"

Supervisor Bob: "So, you're interested in unions, are you, Ralph? Clean out your desk, you're fired!")

Wow. That will be a huge blow for Sasquatch Books.
Nancy Pearl, a self-serving sellout and NPR sleazoid-loving type....who would have ever guessed?

Why, just today I heard Ari Shapiro -- NPR sleaze, whom I've yet to ever catch "reporting" the truth, describe John McCain as a "war hero"???????

So, evidently, lasting less than 24 hours in combat, before getting shot down and captured, is heroic? Hell no, it ain't!

So, evidently, bombing one's own aircraft carrier is heroic? Hell no, it ain't!

So, evidently, losing 4 aircraft while FWD (flying while drunk) is heroic? Hell no, it ain't!

So, being the spawn of the admiral who was the only reason you got into the Naval Academy, the very same daddy admiral who covered up the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, killing US Navy sailors, was heroic? Hell no, it ain't!

Being a war hero means acting heroic in combat during a war, and nothing else.

Nancy Pearl appearing on sleazoid NPR (Nuclear-powered radio, national petroleum radio) predicts future behavior.

'Nuff said.....
If this is true I want to know exactly how much they are paying her to sell out. As a librarian, I'm really disappointed, if this is true.
Paul Constant and @3: a match made in heaven. A deranged, paranoid, delusional heaven, sure. But heaven nonetheless.
Whoa there, sgt doom. Sounds like someone needs to start Friday happy hour a little early this week...
Gotham constantly accuses Batman of being the villain even though Batman constantly saves their buns. Nancy Pearl has been saving Seattle's literary buns for years (and she's got amazing shushing action): she deserves a little more faith.
So, a person famous for encouraging reading is working together with the world's largest bookstore. Who would have imagined?

Clearly not Paul Constant, for whom the issue is not one of books and reading but one of mood affiliation.
In an agreement benefiting everyone, the books division of Amazon will be acquired by Nancy Pearl and the Seattle Public Library to run as they see fit.
@4 As a fellow librarian you should also find this disturbing since it seems that this will be published in the print version of the magazine of record for the American Library Association (ALA).…

The guy who wrote this teaches at the University of Washington School of Information. He is wrong on so many points - the main one being that there is somehow an equivalency to Rushdie's name and online media, and the re-defining of the word "santorum". Just as importantly his interpertatation of what "Google-bombing" is; Anthony or Paul could (and have) refute why these two tech issues are not the same (and it is that level of misinformation in this publication which is really the most worrisome).
The author claims that his "feelings about the senator's views are beside the point" - but it is quite clear that he is biased - and that it is in favor of the poor little santorum-filled senator.
@8, truly, Wrightwinger, Amazon's Bezos has always, when not focused on Wall Street junk bonds, striven to increase global literacy, much the same as the number one private bankster, anti-employment, anti-social security, anti-medicare, anti-work, astro-turfer, Peter G. Peterson, has been all about childhood development by supporting his wife and Sesame Street.

Yup, your thinking is really clear and concise, dood!

The thing I appreciate about sgt_doom's posts is that I can typically identify the author within 10-20 words.
@6: I can usually tell from the first sentence before scrolling down that an unhinged sgt_doom ramblerant is incoming.

@10: "There’s a good old English word for what’s been done to the senator, coincidentally connected to the act in question … but that’s another story."


"Apart from Facebook shooting itself in the foot (yet again), I was struck by how differently some people seemed to treat these two phenomena. It’s okay to, um, savage Rick Santorum’s name, but Facebook should let Salman Rushdie be who he wants to say he is. And we thought name authority was difficult."

This guy is a niche expert, but apparently an idiot otherwise.
@10, thanks for pointing that out. I hadn't seen it. Perhaps the dumbest thing by a library science prof I've read (sad to say I've read a bunch).
Small and petty complaint, it would most likely be the M.V. Amazon, there are very few S.S.'s left
(though I'll be jumping on one Sunday morning)
@10 Thanks for that. Interesting pile of bs from inside "The Academy." His use of lower-case "savage" is tres daring.
@12, I can name that commenter in...SIX WORDS!
17, you, missed, some, of, his, other quirks???????

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