1. The Henry is hosting a panel discussion called "Nutritional Information" as part of their ongoing webcomics show tonight. Here's a list of webcomics artists who will be in attendance: Dylan Meconis (Family Man), Erika Moen (DAR!), Evan Dahm (Rice Boy, Vattu), Spike Trotman (Templar, AZ), Aaron Diaz (Dresden Codak) and Emily Ivie (The Locked Maze).

2. Speaking of comics, The Bushwick Book Club is at Chop Suey tonight. The monthly concert series, in which musicians read and write original music based on a book, tackles Watchmen, which is about to be desecrated in the form of a series of prequels from publisher DC Comics. This should be a good one.

3. In non-funnybook readings, Ryan Call and Chelsea Martin read at Porchlight Coffee tonight. Call's The Weather Stations is a collection of stories about people's reactions to the weather. It often veers into the fantastic. But the real reason to be excited about this event is Martin, the author of Everything Was Fine Until Whatever, The Really Funny Thing About Apathy, and a new fan-fiction-inspired book, Kramer Sutra. She's a very funny reader of her own work, and I recommend checking this one out.

4. In more mainstream readings, Anne Lamott reads at the First Baptist Church on First Hill. Lamott's book about being a parent to a newborn, Operating Instructions, is very popular. Her new book is titled Some Assembly Required: A Journal of My Son's First Son. Doesn't she know that sequels are not the way to go? As DC proved above, prequels are where it's at.

5. For much more, including what is definitely going to be the most exciting literary weekend of the year so far, visit our extensive readings calendar.