Yesterday, Steve Barker interviewed me for his Ordinary Madness podcast, in which he talks with local folks doing interesting things in arts and entertainment. We talked about awards (of the Pulitzer and the Genius varieties) and presidential politics and movies (of the summer blockbuster and SIFF varieties). Today, that podcast is available for your streaming or downloadable pleasure.

However! I was rambly and tired and I fear that I was a bloviating mess. Luckily! Ordinary Madness has been around for a year, and so there's a great backlog of interviews that are all available for free. I would instead direct you to these other Ordinary Madness podcasts in the archives, with people who are actually doing interesting work and not just fucking up The Stranger's blog all the time:

Local poet and SPLAB head Paul Nelson.

New-ish Seattle publisher Dark Coast Press.

Fancy poet (and Stranger writer) Sarah Galvin.

David Schmader, who is funnier and smarter than you.

Slam poet Sara Brickman.

If you're willing to dig a bit, there are all kinds of interesting folks further back in the archives: Ryan Boudinot, the folks behind Hoarse magazine, John Osebold, and Katie Kate, among others. Thanks to Steve for asking me to be on the show, and congratulations on a great first year.