So fun to see the L. West moniker round these parts again. I just love her work since she left. I see her old Slog masterpiece "Hello..." is up to 1418 comments and counting...
To my grateful amazement, I haven't vomited once in 23 or 24 years, since being sick one day in the dorms at Cal Poly Pomona.  Worthwhile as the video sounds, I think I'll just enjoy having no need for it.
Well done, Stranger people and friends.
I hope this is the first of many excellent Team Stranger books!
@1: Where? Where is Lindy's work since she left??
@4 -- Me too! There are a lot of amazing writers at the paper who aren't in this one.

@5 -- In this book.
@5: Jezebel.
@5, she's an editor at Jezebel. Doing fabulous work. I don't know why Slog people don't do posts about her work now and then. fMaybe she asked them not to? Anyway, to start, her amazing post after the Tosh rape story broke is here:…
I believe the opening credits say Christopher Frizzle. Frizzle?
@9: God DAMN it, you're right. There's also a typo in the book (but only one, that we know of)—the first person to find it gets a prize (maybe a cake with something misspelled on it?). This, at least, we can fix, and we shall. Thank you for your eyes that see what multiple other eyes do not!
Pro Tip: If you will be vomiting later, EAT ICE CREAM. Tastes the same coming up as it did going down.
What @8 said. she has a twitter feed, join it.
This column is great if you are only vomiting b/c you are a drunk, but if you have major stomach pain b/c of illness or migraine, sometimes you want to vomit. If you have a migraine and need to vomit, here's my advice:
1. Drink a bunch of water first.
2. Tie your hair back if it's long.
3. Jump up and down a bunch to mix the water and stomach contents. This step makes it so that it is not so acid.
4. Stick your finger down your throat if necessary to make the vomiting happen.
5. Lean waaaay over the toilet or forward away from your feet if outside.
6. When done, wash your mouth out really well to get the acid out of you mouth.

Yaaay, tummy feels way better.
Another important tip: gravity helps. So try standing up and leaning over the toilet instead of kneeling.

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