We knew it was coming, but this press release confirms it:

APRIL (Authors, Publishers, and Readers of Independent Literature), a largely crowd-funded & volunteer-directed festival, is bringing some of the scene’s best and brightest writers to venues all over Capitol Hill March 25-30. APRIL will fund the festival by selling 100 t-shirts for $35. The festival has also received a Neighborhood and Community Arts Programs grant through the Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs (OACA). The 2012 festival was funded exclusively by 58 individual donors.

The 2013 festival will include:

A Poet, a Playwright, a Novelist and a Drag Queen: a competitive storytelling at the Sorrento Hotel (March 27)
Verse Chapter Verse, a music and prose event hosted by The Stranger’s Paul Constant (March 29)
Readings from Matthew Rohrer (March 28), Matthew Dickman (March 25) and more
The third annual Small Press Book Expo at Richard Hugo House (March 30), with special performances and panels from Breadline, the Furnace, Housefire, and others.
Three Happy Hour Readings (March 26, 27 and 28) with local authors

Last year's APRIL was an out-of-nowhere surprise. There were a ton of smart, fun, well-attended events featuring the kind of authors who don't ordinarily get to headline big events. This year's already looks to be even better. We'll have an announcement about the author who's headlining my Verse Chapter Verse very soon. I'm really excited about this one.

Keep an eye on Slog for more APRIL announcements, and for more information, visit APRIL's website and Tumblr.