Man wearing T-shirt
Take a tip from Jerry Garcia and call your next book "Old And In The Way". For one, it doesn't hurt to be honest, and two, like Jerry, you have your cult following of disciples who will buy whatever you say, write or do.
Well, fuck Dan, I will order your damn book!
Yes, buy the book, but not from Amazon fer christsake!
...maybe try being a little less interrupty. Yeesh.
Already pre-ordered back in January. Looking forward to it.
I'm always hearing about how hot Terry is, but dang, Dan, you're getting pretty handsome in your dotage. Definitely an example of unfair our society is: men just get better looking as they age. If I can't have you, I'll have the sound of you reading your book when I get the audio version from Audible.
I'll borrow it from the library when it comes out. Not gonna buy it, though. You're already rich.
I just bought an extra in honor of 5280. I'll donate it to my old high school library.
if you want a kind, hand-wringing, polite response to a Mike Huckabee, that’s what Human Rights Campaign press releases are for.

Hee! Exactly.
Mike Huckabee "thought" Maurice Clemmons was a polite gentleman, so...
Apparently, the interview is only available to people who subscribe to PW. The rest of us lowlifes get blocked. Jerks.
@12: Agreed. Yay for Dan, but BOO on subscriber-only links.
I will fly to the bookstore on my obedient monkey-wings and buy your book as soon as it's out! *clicks heels, salutes*
Well, I will say that Mike Huckabee's marriage is an abomination and his love for his spouse is sick, sinful, and perverse.

I hope that doesn't hurt Dan's argument, though.
Our Little Danny has a well polished act, for sure....
your swoll guns make you look fat dog.
Amazon is selling the book for $10 less than my local bookstore. Hard choices.
Huckster-bee owns one of the most worm ridden festering souls that ever was. - Jeebus Criste as told to TMZ.
Ms Cute - If it makes you feel any better, ever since I broke my ankle four years ago I've been completely unable to get my waist size back to 30.

Many gay men just look a lot straighter as they age. I suppose some people might reasonably consider that an improvement.
You've come a long way baby. With all those muscles it's hard to remember how good you truly looked in a small dress and heels half a life ago. Good luck with the book. I look forward to the movie.
Mr. Ven: It's not the muscles; Dan's on the verge of being too muscular for my taste. It's his face.

But wait. What do you mean when you say "Many gay men just look a lot straighter as they age." How does someone look gay or straight? Does Dan look somehow straighter now to you?

I'm confused and a bit intrigued.
# 7 wrote:
" ...If I can't have you, I'll have the sound of you reading your book when I get the audio version from Audible."

This may be when the fantasy fizzles out.
@23: I was being deliberately hyperbolic, fan-girl style.
I happen to have 4 credits on Audible, and no cash with which to buy books (print or electronic) right now. So the choice of medium for any book is pretty much already made.
The classic dumbed-down, sorf-core porno look of the book's cover - arms and shoulders forward and placed for maximum size, a crossed leg teasing a view of his crotch, light informal clothing that can be thrown on the floor, and feeling his face with his jerk-off hand... is a smart way to sell Dan and his book.

Just sayin... the higher the visual bar, the higher the expectation of what it should sound like.
I read that the real Dan Savage isn't a self-aggrandizing grandstander like the foo who keeps hogging the Slog.

More Dom and Anna please.
Ms Cute - I can't say, as I don't have the back knowledge, and I've no particular judgey impulse in his case. The presentation might not be his doing, and in any case is meant to make him look combative.

It wasn't the sort of thing I'd likely have noticed for myself, but I have seen it written that gym rats are easy to tell apart because they generally emphasize different areas. Personally, I'd have put it down to other things. It's quite often hair, but I really can't specify in under an hour, as it would require a near-dissertation.
Tried to pre-order from Google Books. Got an error: "Oops, we had trouble processing your request. We're working on fixing the issue. Please try again later". Damn

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