Did you know that the word "superhero" is jointly owned by Marvel and DC Comics, and that anyone else who uses the word is likely to get a cease and desist order? There's a suit to change that fact, but it's going nowhere fast, The New York Daily News explains.

Ray Felix grew up idolizing Spider-Man, Batman and other stars of Marvel and DC Comics. But when he created his own superheroes, the companies he once loved became his archenemies.

Felix' battle with the comic conglomerates began after he registered his online comic series "A World Without Superheroes" with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Marvel and DC opposed the move on the grounds that the companies own the trademark on the word "superhero." Almost two years later, the case is still awaiting a decision by the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board.

Felix says he knows he'll probably lose, which is a safe bet when you're battling an unholy consortium of lawyers from both Time Warner and Disney. But still: This is bullshit.

(Via Kevin Melrose at Robot 6.)