On their blog, Los Angeles independent bookseller Skylight Books posted this anecdote (apologies for their annoying lack of capitalization) on Wednesday:

so i got a phone call today from a representative of Amazon! apparently, he was given the task of reaching out to independent bookstores in order to ‘build’ a ‘relationship’ with the indies in order to ‘partner’ with us in a program to sell Kindles in our store…yea, really. so, in my most incredulous voice i asked him if he was serious and stated flatly that we wouldn’t be interested.

he said he understood and that he knew Amazon was facing a number of ‘hurdles’ they would need to cross in order to implement this program. that being the case, would i be willing to clarify any specific problems that i might foresee as being a dealbreaker.

Bear in mind that they have no proof that the caller was actually calling from Amazon. I've left a message on Amazon.com's PR hotline asking them to confirm whether or not this was an official call from the company, but I've left many messages on Amazon's PR hotline and never once gotten a response from them. If they do respond this time, I'll let you know.