Try as I might, I'm unable to spot the difference in the title. Someone give me a clue?
The ten commandments written are not the ACTUAL ten commandments.

@1, missing "m". Took me a while too.
@1, look closer. CoMandments versus CoMMandments?
If I were a Christian, the sacrilege of this guy writing his own self-aggrandizing version of the Commandments would make steam come out my ears. I mean, heck, I actively detest Christianity and I'm still a little outraged on their behalf by this bullshit.
In proofreading it's called the "M" factor - as in commitment, committee, commotion, commode - so many legs of em. These words all sound the same whether one M or not - unlike comma vs. coma -
This "coment" thread shows why the cover hasn't been corrected - people just see what they want to see. And @5 hit it square: I was the Book Review Editor for a journal in law school "millenia" ago and tend to look at words carefully, but still miss those pesky double letters...
A book published 5 years ago has a typo on the cover. Ok, umm… thanks for the heads up?

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