Totally agree.
Perhaps my status as a non-native is clouding my brain, but I can't read "Tacoman" without reading it as "taco man." So now I want the park to be named after some legendary, but heretofore unknown, taco man.
Going to echo stirwise @2.

Taco man. Taco man. Taco man.
I had no idea. +1
Oh! My post in "So I GotThis Baby Bird..." was so timely...allow me to copy and paste:

"If it IS a starling you must take this opportunity to raise it, train it and return it to the Starling Community as a sleeper agent...or perhaps as a revolutionary who will take down this evil empire and bring peace and unity to all the bird nations?

Once hated and despised, starlings will now rise as benevolent champions of all bird-kind! They will call this starling "Muad'Dib" (as all starlings are huge fans of Dune, though usually cheering on House Harkonnen...citation N/A)."

So ya. I think you've got the starlings vote on this whole park naming thing...
@2 Same. It's really the only good thing about living in Tacoma.
@2 "Doin' the things a taco can!"
++ on park

+++ on taco man
I also had no idea so a park is a nice idea.

And yes, I wish the taco man would visit my house. I am hungry.
Tacoma should also name a landfill after Legends of Dune creator Brian Herbert.
Herbert was a taco-man? Who knew? Proves that great minds love good food, and that maybe there is still hope for Tacoma, man.
I am so excited to learn this! What an awesome idea. Now if the park could just have some sort of underground tunnel system, and a large pestle-type object...
Stillsuits ftw!
why not? fuckin' do it.

and have Dune-themed sculptures: a Gom Jabbar. a Guild Navigator, etc.
God damn, I need some tacos.
So wait, he gets a park in Tacoma because he was born there? Because I thought he lived in Port Townsend.
@16 - It's a bit like how all the street signs in Springfield MA have Dr Seuss characters on them because he was born there, but he actually lived his adult life in La Jolla, CA.
He also used to live in Seattle. On QA.
Worked for the P-I.
@16: And, by living somewhere other than Tacoma, Frank Herbert achieved the greatest aspiration of anyone born in Tacoma -- leaving. Which along with his books, makes him a quite accomplished Taco-man.

Where is he buried? They should dig him back and bury him in the park to tell the world "Once a Taco-man, always a Taco-man! There is no escape!"
As a Tacoman, I support this idea. But I'd also love a Richard Brautigan park. I would rather read "Trout Fishing in America" than "Dune" any day.
Agreed, a park for Frank, and unlike 10, I wouldn't insult landfills that way. Find a dairy for Brian.
I love Frank Herbert, but when you say that Dune is an "often-overlooked work of Northwest literature," that means there is a Northwest literature that is uniquely northwesternian. Given that the book is a metaphor for the founding of Saudi Arabia that takes place a bone dry planet, how is this informed by the northwestern experience or culture?
ps- if there is a Northwestern Literature, I would like to nominate Ursula K Le Guin is its high priestess. Thanks.
He'd show up on Tacoma and encourage budding writers. Would that I had any talent for that.

He did write at least one "Pacific Northwest" book: Soul Catcher. I liked it a lot in my teens.

Since when do any of you care about what happens in Tacoma? Screw you. We'll do what we want.
@24: Cool. Thanks. I'll look up "Soul Catcher."

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