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The Hatred of Benedict and Francis, Measured in Books


I am sick and tired of the "Good Pope Bad Pope" rubbish of the Gawthrop sort that has been propagated -- in the worst possible taste, after Pope Benedict retired. Pope Francis has different gifts, and, I am sure, the passionate pope-bashers will eventually find his shortcomings as well, probably also after he has retired or died. With the slightest inclination to truthfulness as well as decency, it would be more appropriate to dwell on Benedict's introverted personality, modesty and humility, reverence for tradition and outstanding scholarship, which is at least as important for the Church as Francis' jovial popularity and genuine pastoral concern. It is absolutely repulsive to keep kicking an honest and humble man who has already resigned, perhaps partly in recognition of the fact that additional gifts to his own were required for the changing challenges of the day. To be commenting on his shoes, for crying out loud, is idiotic and infantile. There are more important things to judge a man by.

Ernest Skublics
@1 Well, we both agree that Benedict's retirement was the correct decision.

If you're looking for Francis' faults, you're not going to have to wait very long. (Hint: Read the last paragraph of the article.)
We want ENTERTAINMENT news, not your ideas about religions that hate you because you are a faggot. Whine whine whine and fucking whine some more.
@1, People (even popes) who collude and collaborate with child rapists do not deserve the dignified retirement you want for him. Crucify him (figuratively).
Let's be realistic here: the Catholic Church will not tolerate any priest or bishop who endorses same-sex marriage (or married priests or female priests, etc.). Such a man would never become pope. The rest of the College of Cardinals would never go along with it.

So setting the hot-button social issues aside, let's look at what we have here.

We have an apparently genuinely humble man, who is very concerned with reforming the Church and dragging the Curia kicking and screaming out of the 16th century, and who displays real and genuine affection for the poor, those who struggle on a daily basis for the basics of life. This is a pope who would rather be washing the feet of incarcerated drug addicts and offering a chance at redemption than sitting in a cushy golden throne at a fancy concert.

Of all the Christians in the media today, this Pope strikes me as the one who is working hardest to be Christ-like himself.

Perhaps he does harbour some hatred of gays and lesbians in his heart. Who knows? But my impression is that he would like to be as welcoming as he can, within the parameters he's got to work with.

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