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Ryan Boudinot Wants UNESCO to Recognize Seattle as a City of Literature


@1 Thanks for the short-form fiction.
Well, Norwich managed to get itself named a City of Literature. Presumably Alan Partridge's influence. Let's find someone local who can match his reach and grasp, and we're in.
It would be a City of Literature if you had accepted my RFP in 1994.

You chose to build a 10 story building in an obsolete section of vertical density.

As ye sow...

You had me until "Iowa City". I call bullshit.
Plus, we kick ass at NaNoWriMo every year.
@5 - Iowa City is home to the Iowa Writers Workshop, the oldest creative writing MFA in the Unites States. The Iowa workshop consistently ranks #1 for creative writing MFA programs and there's a long and impressive list of writers who've done a stint in the cornfields. It's not a crazy choice for this program.
I haven't counted them, but I bet Seattle has more "Little Free Libraries" in front of people's houses than any other city on the planet. There are three within a three block radius of where I live in Mt. Baker. Within this three block radius there is also a "poetry post" where passerbys can pick up new poems every week or so.

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