Only about half of the things on your list are worse than being single. Sharpen the ptichfork and try again.
Wait, Goldy gets a pass?!
This makes me feel a little bit bad for Paul Constant.
It could just be the way she expresses herself, i.e. "not to be a total asshole, but I'm not feelin' those shoes." Not feelin' someones shoes doesn't actually make one a total asshole, it's just a segue—as if to say "not to sidetrack this conversation, but real quick here's what I think about this..."
Where does she get the idea that people perceive some feminists as angry militants? It's not like high profile feminists form organizations called "Bitch Media." Oh, wait...
Cienna has a knack for lists...

'dog gas' is code for Goldie
Maybe she does have angry militant feminist views that she's tempering for the interview. She probably does have deeper feelings about the issue and doesn't want to go Feminazi in a Conservative-ish paper. If she was being interviewed by The Stranger, I doubt she'd feel the need to restrain herself.
Many mormons who leave the faith feel a need to temper their views due to the fact that friends and family still in the church view nearly any expression of feminism or gay rights as "militant." You'll find this qualifier extremely common in the ex or soon to be ex-mormon community.
Her Modern Love column is beautiful. That column just isn't what it used to be.

Fuck religion. That's all. And fuck people who spread misinformation about Planned Parenthood.
I don't see what's bad about Paul Constant or cantaloupe, unless Constant's writing about games or the cantaloupe isn't ripe.
I just think someone needs to acknowledge the awesomeness of a pitchfork speared with dicks.

I don't know about that. I think a standard pitchfork has only three prongs, so there can't be that many dicks speared on it.
We call it a dickfork.
You guys really hate the Seattle times...
Ugh, the lack of empathy from the stranger writers on slog is really frustrating. Nicole may be joking, or she may have been serious about what she considered "an angry, militant feminist" statement, but look at her past. She comes from a culture where choosing not to have kids is radical and against the norm. So it may be a duh statement for someone in Seattle to say there's nothing wrong with women choosing to be on their own, but in many parts of this country it would be considered a radical statement. Instead of picking apart one line in an interview and suggesting "Hardy should rethink what it means to be a feminist", how about supporting your fellow females? Because it sounds to me that Hardy knows first hand what it means to be a feminist.
Radical feminists who equate motherhood with slavery exist. Alice Walker is one of them. This might have been Nicole's way of saying that, while she doesn't identify with that type of militant ideology, she just didn't feel like having kids was right for her, and that she's happy with her choice.

Cienna, if you're trying to pick a fight about feminism with someone, I think you're barking up the wrong tree by choosing Nicole. Maybe wait until her book comes out next month and actually read it before you grade her on how well she's doing as a woman.
Paul? Really?
One quibble near the end of the article, and with Cienna: it is clear you're bitter that she got a book deal and the article is just a petty set up to rip her. Cienna should rethink what it means to be a writer.
@14 - snork - thank you!
What's wrong with Paul Constant? I want specifics.
@14, I can't fathom why.

Too little, too late?
This post certainly DID NOT COME ACROSS AS BITTER. No it did not. Nor did it come across with a basic lack of understanding of what it is like to be "ex" religious anything. Not at all. *eyeroll* <--- in case the sarcasm was lost

As far as being an "ex" religious something - there's a reason I take PTSD medication. It fucking sucks.

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