And not completing your sentences?

I mean, calling them evil is one thing, but Pat Robertson? That's a low blow ...
Phew. For a second there I thought I was your new least favorite person. That was a close one.
probably seattleblues.
what about grifting Pat Robertson?
People who beat or murder children are high on my list, a drunken homeless guy punching a librarian is by far lower on that list. But hey, gotta have priorities!
Stealing bicycles is on that list. It's one of the few hanging crimes I know.
that's my leafy, miller-hull renovated branch, filled with the nicest librarians on the planet. christ almighty.
The victim is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. SPL needs to revisit their policy and allow lifetime bans. A one year exclusion is not going to deter this repeat offender.
6, I can see that. It's not like you read or value learning.
I wonder how he got banned in the first place. He seems like such a nice guy otherwise.
I agree with, the bike thief is the modern day version of a horse thief.

Definitely a hanging offence.

That's the library near my house and to be honest: it's a great neighborhood except the library up there attracts a lont of vagrants from the half-way house located across the street from it. (And I don't mean the synagogue either)
I love the librarians. If there's a site for messages to him, can someone share it? I had once someone steal my front tire on the UWS in a snowstorm on Dec. 26, and had to carry my bike home (after looking around for tracks).
@10 Yes, believing that there are worse people in Seattle than a man with probable mental health issues is proof positive that one doesn't read or value learning. That totally tracks.

Clearly what this man allegedly did was bad, but I don't see how he merits more hate than, say, certain figures in SPD or the Archdiocese of Seattle.
@9: hear hear. WTF did a librarian ever do to anyone?
As a librarian I have to say that your kind appreciative thoughts are very sweet to hear. I would have called the police when the man came back though, since he had already been told he was banned. The librarian who was hurt was kinder and more trusting than me.

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