I'm confused about what's being criticized here.

There are sites that only recommend books they think you should read. This is no different than Oprah's book list or suggested reading lists by all sorts of different stores and organizations. I don't see anything wrong with this. I don't need Oprah to tell me what books she doesn't want me to read.

And then there's the idea of posting positive reviews of everything whether it's any good or not. That sounds like a catalog to me. A gushing description of crap so they can sell some of it before they have to mark it down too far.
Meh... it's a gimmick. And it appears to have worked.
I would ignore any review written that poorly, regardless of whether or not they liked the book. The review looks like it was written by a 7th grade girl.
@1 The power of Oprah's book club is in its exclusivity. Yes, they're always glowing recommendations because to even be on the list she has to like it (or her PR people do, whichever)

Buzzfeed, being Buzzfeed will have positive reviews of every book under the sun from what it looks, yeah. It will be useless.
@3 That's hilarious. It's a humorous article and you took it for being real. That's one of the truest forms of humor these days.
What I think is funny is the idea that anyone would ever expect a book review at Buzzfeed to be worth anything in the first place. Buzzfeed is the anti-book.
@5, and thus I prove, yet again, that I am old and not hip. My bad.
@8 You're so old and unhip that you think that it requires youth and hipness to get the jokes in the New Yorker. And I am old and unhip because I've been using the words unhip and hipness.

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