This, from Robot 6's Kevin Melrose, is straight-up bullshit:

A South Carolina university that came under fire over the summer for including the gay-themed Fun Home as recommended reading for incoming freshmen now may see its state funding reduced for the decision

The school might stand to lose $52,000 for recommending that students read Alison Bechdel's brilliant comic book memoir. And why? According to the Charleston Post and Courier, it's because lawmakers saw the choice of Fun Home as "promoting a gay agenda and forcing pornography on its students.”

If you haven't read Fun Home, you really should. The sad story of Bechdel's closeted dad is one of the most touching portraits I've ever read in comic-book form, and a testament to how life in the closet can do real damage to entire generations of people. It's about the furthest thing from pornography that I can imagine. And the only way you could argue that the book promotes a "gay agenda" is if you don't want to believe that gay people are human beings. If your conservative agenda requires you to not think of gay people as having feelings, I could see how this book might disturb you. Only monsters could read Fun Home and not be moved. That's why conservatives don't want people to read this book.