" You sure could feed a lot of hungry people with two hundred thousand dollars."

Cripes, that's so much money that you rounded down dropping $10,000 and it doesn't even matter.
It's been clear from Day 1 that Mars Hill promotes an "I Got Mine" brand of Xtianity. Helping the poor & hungry isn't part of their faith, only helping themselves.
How very Scientology of them.
The good news is Driscoll still got royalties for the books so everyone wins!
Somebody really should go into his church and flip over his money-changing tables. I wonder who could do such a thing?
You got it all wrong. That $200k came out of Driscoll's helicopter budget. He's that humble.
This was a common tactic to get L. Ron Hubbard's books into the best-seller list. Individual Scientologists were (and are) heavily pressured to buy them, and the various churches would buy stacks and stacks of them. Members of Sea Org have to buy the books out of their sub-$100-a-month salary. The book royalties go into a separate pot than church revenue, too, which is one way that Hubbard, and now David Miscavige, have scammed millions out of the church.
I'd love to know where in the Bible Jesus instructs his followers to consecrate their tithes toward marketing scams. Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Driscoll? MH congregants need to make up their minds, because we know where their money is going.
The more I find out about Mars Hill, the more they sound like a freaky cult... The social isolation, anti-woman, anti-gay, and pro-Driscoll "Messiah" rhetoric was scary enough but now we find out the shady money deals, land grabs and outright bogus money laundering is frightening. The stories from ex-members are terrifying. They are the "New Moonies"....
Whoops, already mentioned by Fnarf.
I've probably posted this before but it's worth repeating. I have a brother in law who is a devout Christian who was "infatuated" by the strong feeling he got when he first started going to the Mars Hill Church. He now thinks because of the money he was asked to give to the church and the lifestyle of the clergy, there was something very, very wrong about what was going on. His faith remains strong despite the lies he was told about why he had to give so much money to prove his faith. He now stays home and prays with his family and does community work at animal rescues.
Maybe if Christian propaganda like Driscoll's book and the Son of God movie weren't such unadulterated crap, Driscoll wouldn't need to waste piles of his suckers' money on lame PR contrivances:

"Mark Driscoll's Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Wash., recently gave out 3,500 tickets for the [Son of God] film's pre-screening on Thursday. As the church stated on its website, the purpose of giving away so many free tickets was to encourage nonbelievers to watch the film."…
@12: Out of curiosity, what of the clergy's lifestyles other than the fake punk rawwwwwwk veneer?
Not sure I understand your question, but the vehicles they drive, the homes they live in, their expensive clothes. The veneer being the pretty coating over particle board, right?
Mark Driscoll as to afford his new multi-million dollar house in Woodway somehow... get with the program! Buy books! /sarc

@17 Don't the (parishioners) question the extravagance of their leader? If he's able to get these people to give him money then us outsiders should just let them alone. These so called "christians" are just a bunch of guilt ridden sinners that are hoping to absolve themselves of their wrongdoings by belonging to an upbeat and "modern" religious cult. So long money.... Your leader is reaping the benefits of your ignorance.
Where is the tolerance? Where is the what's true for you is true for you pluralism? Shouldn't people be able to believe what they want and live how they want without all this ridicule? You guys all obviously stand on an intolerant line of absolute truth to say Mars Hill or Mark Driscoll has done something wrong.
I'm still trying to find out what the NYT bestseller list people are saying about it. I haven't even heard of anyone calling them. Surely they must be pissed when people game the system.

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