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Fantagraphics Books Is Poised to Face the Future


Great history and assessment, Paul. As you note, Fantagraphics publishes collected volumes of comic art no true library should be without -- but also put out the super-successful unique pop culture phenomenon Hip-Hop Family Tree, and wonderfully bizarre original books like the European reissue King Of The Flies (Volume Three due soon), and Couch Tag, the beautiful anthology of mini-comics by Jesse Reklaw. (Later this year, Listen, Whitey! author Pat Thomas will have a biography of Jerry Rubin out from them as well.) Mind-blowing stuff, all of it, comics or cultural documentation. Thanks so much for the reminder!
I've been a comics fan my whole life and have passed that bananas house twice a day for nearly 8 years. I had no idea it was Fantagraphics.
tabletop joe: Yeah, it blends in with the rest of Lake City. I had an interview there, about a million years ago (well, actually in the late 90's) and I made the mistake of dressing up, as if it was a REAL interview...boy, they all looked at me like I was a member of the Young Republicans or something. And that sucked because I was/am a really cool person who hates dressing in suits...damn, it would have been cool to work there!
Thanks for this, Paul. My life has been so much richer for Fantagraphics and it's great to have an update. Wish I could be there to take in the panel.
Does anyone know why my anti-virus (webroot) blocks fantagraphics' site?

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