Paul, you need a new hobby.
Coming Soon: Hatchette Books free on Amazon!

That way, they deny money to Hatchette without having to pay authors.

Amazon reveals the true marginal cost of ebooks.
Paul, it is my understanding that this dispute is because Hachette wants to charge more for eBooks than Amazon wants to. Is that incorrect? If that is correct, why exactly are "we" against it? Do you really think it is reasonable that eBooks should cost comparable prices to hardcovers/paperbacks?

Do you really think that eBooks are worth more than $3-5 when compared to paperbacks? (If you want to have a high initial price to prevent cannibalization of hardcovers, that's one thing, but the long term price of an eBook should not be as much, or higher, than a paperback!
Amazon can do this all it wants, since it gets huge amounts of money from its other merchandise. As an attempt to make Hachette look like the moneygrubbers and itself look like the altruistic side, this is a failure. Amazon is still going to squeeze first Hachette and then every other publisher until they can't do business any longer, and then take over the publishing industry with p.o.d. issues of self-published "literature" printed on its own on-demand machines and completely unedited.
I really fail to see why I should feel sympathy for obsolete gatekeepers who feel I should pay more money for books so they can keep making millions.
Just remember that Amazon isn't doing this for *you*. They're doing this to drive other e-retail out of the market and boost their own margins.
I feel absolutely zero sympathy for publishers. In this day and age, what the hell do they provide to authors?

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