What a couple of weirdos.
dude- I have ALWAYS hated Tao Lin. glad I have a legitimate reason now other than the 10 foot self righteous art culture stick up his ass
22 year old having sex with a 16 year old, in the 16 year old's parents house? Gross!
Considering that he's a writer, I am surprised how hard it is to parse Lin's quotes. Who said who who doesn't want to talk about it more than who has? Maybe this is just a rushed off email but still...
Can't help but note that he's using female pronouns for Kennedy. Not cool, not a sign of good faith.
Um, remember the news stories about how Lin had sold something like 60% of the profits (he called it "stock," but that would clearly be illegal) of that novel to a few "investors." It was in tons of papers, including The New York Times. Was it a scam? Did Lin ever repay his investors? Were his investors really just patrons (this was pre-crowdsourcing)? Do people remember that his parents were cited by the SEC as "serial fraudsters" in stock transactions and fled the US for their native Taiwan when hit with lawsuits by defrauded investors of Surgilight, the company of which J.T. Lin, Tao's father was CEO, and which led to him spending years in federal prison after being convicted of fraud under securities laws? E.R. Kennedy is right about "you monkeys," and The Stranger is one of the biggest denizens of this planet of the apes.
Just get Trent Moorman to call Kennedy and maybe ask repeatedly about the details, especially the sex parts.
Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
I'm not sure why any of this is a surprise, since he wrote everything down in the fucking book
Lin's work has become increasingly less abstract and deals increasingly more with his experience of the human condition. Richard Yates clearly was full of hardly edited dumps from gchat it.

I agree with @5, it's pretty upsetting that he went that way. Not cool.

I love his works, but to find out he's a 1 (or probably 5) percenter last year, then this.......
Crackpot alert.
It's the same old Rat Pack world.
Slog crash imminent.
So...should we give the rants of this angry ex more or less credence than the rants of Zoe Quinn's angry ex?

Never mind, that shutdown was last night. I guess I didn't notice.
Those angry, confused souls, who make damaging public legal and moral complaints about their exes of many years past, rail at the world for not also hating their former lovers, and then ask the public not to take notice or action, deserve our compassion and help in person, but little or none of our digital ink. Twitter storms of the 'cry for help' variety are worthy of gossip, I suppose, but not news--and gossip itself is not worth much.
Reminder: if you don't want your shit shared on the Internet, don't put it on the Internet to begin with.
@5 I noticed that too; although, perhaps he's referring to the person (a woman err girl) he had a relationship with, not the person Kennedy is now, so it's a bit confusing. And honestly, if he's of the opinion that Kennedy is trying to defame him, he doesn't owe him any consideration about which pronoun to use.
"People too young to have any goddamn sense at all do something stupid, years later as adults regret the whole thing intensely."

Am I missing some important aspect here?
Look at how much of Taipei comes from Huckleberry Milton. Total literary ripoff.
Doesn't this all seem like some kind of weird performance piece?
@14: roughly the same amount? I don't recall anyone up to and including Quinn much disputing the facts of how that relationship ended -- the areas under dispute were (a) were her new boyfriend's actions some kind of professional ethical breach (no), (b) did she somehow get better reviews for her games via her no relationship (obviously not), and (c) was this actually the business of anybody else (fuck no).

Similarly, it sounds here like Kennedy and Lin had a consensual, legal, but horribly ill-advised relationship that both of them would prefer to forget, and I for one would prefer to not hear any more details about.
Hoooo boy.
Actially, Paul, considering what everyone had to say about it, you could have just ignored it, rather than foreground the more lurid aspects of this yellow journalistic nonsense on the slog doe clickbait. That would be what a real journalist would do. Then again i dont know that there are any real journalists anywhere these days, so one can hardly fault the stranger for acting like a fictional la gossip rag out of a James Ellroy novel.

Also, for what its worth, Richard Yates sucked and should have been left in Lins desk.
who gives a rat's ass, we gots new smart phones to buy and find time to bitch about our fucking Verizon bills,,,,writers are all crazy drunks anyway, as are their sycophants

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