This seems like an ideal partnership with The Stranger. Make every week half of the usual crap, and the other half devoted to UNESCO's honorable mission. Split up Slog the same way.
Well, perhaps the endless promotion of a friend's rather douchey article that "BLEW UP THE INTERNET" was not the best way to ensure that this idea gets off the ground. Not that the guest writer is responsible, of course.
"Ryan Boudinot killed Seattle City of Lit and the Stranger helped him bury the body"

How could I forget the title? It's the best part!
great Seattlish article
Excellent article, @3. Thank you.
Thank you for this thoughtful take on the whole Boudinot kerfuffle. Seattle is already a world-class literary city, of course--let's share that news with the rest of the world. Eyes on the prize.

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