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Daniel Clowes's Eightball Is 25 Years Old. How Old Does That Make You?

Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron is like trying to remember a dream. Fantagraphics Books


We nicknamed a popular & seedy local dive the "8-ball Lounge"; named its regulars after characters such as Tina. It was mean. Good fun. Ah the '90s.
8-Ball, Hate, Yummy Fur, Cerebus, and Dork, were my first comics. Finding a good comic was like finding a vein of gold. You dug in and prayed that vein didn't run dry.
Eightball is such a treasure. I have fond memories of showing "Art School Confidential" to a fellow Evergreen student who was pursuing visual art. He totally took offense at it, proving that he had neither artistic talent nor a sense of humor. And who can forget Sensual Santa? The amazing thing about Clowes is that after reading his comics for awhile, people you see on the street start to look like he drew them. Can't wait to revisit these masterpieces.
8-Ball 2 funny and ironic

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