Read the complete collection of Opus, the 3rd incarnation that ran from 2003 to 2008 as a Sunday only strip. It regained a lot of the charm that seemed to be missing from Outland so I have high hopes for the resurrected strip.
I absolutely LOVED Bloom County back in the day. I was giddy when I heard it was coming back. I'm more than willing to give it some time to regain its footing.
Hey. I liked Outland.

I read it before Bloom County though, so maybe it's about expectations.
I feel the same way about the new Bloom County as I do about the new Jurassic Park. Yay? I guess?
Sean. JMFC, dude. Breathed's a genius. Just be grateful.
Hey, have you heard about the new corduroy pillow cases?
I lived in the real life model for the Bloom County House in Iowa City back in the mid-80's.

Cool story, Berke was in Texas, though.
@8 from Wikipedia:
The setting of Bloom County resembled Iowa City, Iowa, in several ways; Breathed lived there during the early years of the strip. The Bloom Boarding House, for example, which appeared as a high contrast photo within the strip, is modeled after the file:///Iowa_city_linsay_house.jpg">File:Iowa_city_linsay_house.jpg">Linsay House located at 935 East College Street in Iowa City.
FWIW, formatting was perfectly fine in Preview.
Yo, dear, "check it out", as the youth say.......…
I liked Outland. I think that was where he really started to go at a certain local billionaire.
I expected naysayers. Just not from the Strange-r.
Read Friday's strip for a rebuttal. LOL. Seriously, today is a lot like the 80s in many of the worst ways.
@9, 10: Wikipedia image URLs usually contain colons, which choke Slog's HTML parser. You can use a link as workaround:
I'm going to spend the weekend searching for my old Billy and the Boingers EP :D
Never impressed by it, I hope those of you who liked it will like the revived series.
I dunno. He's bringing back one of my top 3 favorite comic strips of all time, maybe even top two, and he's doing it solely for fun and to say thank you to the fans.

That happens, pretty much, never.

I am lookin' hard but I'm finding no negatives in that.

I'm strapping in tight and enjoying the ride. And getting my wallet ready to order lots of turnip twaddlers. Lots, and lots, of turnip twaddlers.
@13: 'sup, fellow Calvin and Hobbes avatar dude. Let's keep an eye out for Reverse Polarity...I feel like there's another guy too.
Christ. What a killjoy. Here's an idea. Enjoy life's simple pleasures without adding a morose note on top of everything.
@13, 19: ...and of course I completely missed that RP was the second comment in the thread. Also, the other dude is Reality Check.
No one remembers the reference made in @6?

Binkley wakes up his dad with that riddle.
@15: thanks!

@22: "They're making HEADLINES!!"

Yay, my hero!

Now let's hold a benefit concert and call it the US Festival.

Someone needs to show up with a Susie Derkins avatar.

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